Decorating Tips For The New Homeowner

Don’t rush things. Live in your space to get a good feel of the home. Look at aspects such as lighting, traffic patterns, room use, rooms that will require a more casual and practical approach, furniture arrangement (what works and what doesn‘t), and of course most important, how the room makes you feel.

  • Start with the basics. Think of the function of the room and furnishings needed as your “cake”. Accessories, artwork, rugs and window treatments are the “frosting“.
  • One of the quickest, least expensive and most dramatic way to change the feel of a room is with paint.
    • Purchase paint samples and live with the patches of color before making a final decision. Be sure to look at the colors during different times of the day and evening. As lighting changes throughout the day, so does color. What looks blue initially, may look green at another time.
    • Know your finish. Typically semi-gloss or gloss is used to paint trim. Flat, matte or eggshell is used for walls. Semi-gloss, gloss or high gloss is used to paint furnishings. (note: Not all paints are created equal. It’s important to purchase a quality paint to yield the best results).
    • Determine the color palette for the room. Consider not only the walls but the ceiling, floor, furnishings and accessories. Decide the proportion of each color and develop a color plan for the room.
    • Know that colors can change moods and emotions. Color has the ability to effect you physiologically and can even change your heart rate or increasing your appetite! (next time you are dining out, take note of the color red that is frequently used in restaurants).
  • Quality never goes out of fashion. Be safe with large purchases such as furniture and playful with the accessories.
  • Be creative and use your imagination. An item may have more than one use. For example: The old dresser that was once your parents may now serve as a beautiful buffet table in your dining room. Recycling is in!  Less is more! An organized and uncluttered home will feel more relaxed, productive and welcoming.
  • Let your home reflect your personal style inside and out. Personal touches of artwork , family photos, collections, etc., tell a story; your story.