Preparing your home for sale? Consider staging!

When Jill and David decided to sell their home, they did what most people do- – meet with a Realtor, decide on a price and hold an open house. However, after one year on the market, several price reductions and two Real Estate companies later, the house was still not sold. Frustration and disappointment had now set in. They had moved into their new home and were now carrying not one, but two mortgages. The house was charming, located in a wonderful neighborhood and was a perfect home to raise a family. So what was the problem? Why hadn’t this house sold?

In today’s market , selling a home is more than just setting up a “For Sale” sign and hoping that eventually the house will sell. Homebuyers today have much to choose from and are looking for that “bargain”. After all, look at the competition! It seems that there is a house for sale on every street, if not two or three. Making your house “stand out from the rest” is key. Gone are the days when buyers selected a home based on it’s possibilities. The majority of buyers today are looking for a home in move- in condition. This is where home staging plays a vital role in presenting a house at it’s best. Preparing a house correctly is more that just cleaning up the clutter and keeping the lawn mowed.

Staging prepares a home to appeal emotionally and visually to a wider variety of potential buyers. The greater the interest, the greater the chance for a quick and prosperous sale. Staging is not about spending money on major renovations, but rather enhancing your homes features at an affordable price and within your budget. Statistics show that a staged home sells 50% faster than non-staged homes with an increase in selling price. A staging professional is able to look at a home objectively and through “buyers eyes” . They know how to create a feeling of spaciousness and warmth in a room or what architectural features need to be enhanced or down-played. Stagers are able to recognize what it takes to market a home and create that feeling of “We have to buy this house, it’s perfect”! If the house for sale is occupied , stagers will use existing furnishings, rearranging pieces to create maximum appeal, remove items that may distract a potential buyer, and suggest items such as a specific furniture piece, artwork, or accessories that would complete the desired look. The majority of homes can be staged by a professional in one day or less! For the seller, hiring a stager eases the stress, time and planning it takes to do it yourself! Almost all stagers have relationships with companies that provide such services as furniture rental, painting, home repairs, landscaping and storage rental, so they are able to assist a home seller with completing other tasks.

So what happened to Jill and David’s home? Well, after a year had passed and the house remained empty, Jill called me to discuss the concept of staging. They had run out of ideas and options and certainly did not want to make yet another price reduction. Jill and I made an appointment to meet and walk through the house together. We covered all of the bases from curb appeal to wall colors, to placing plush towels in the bathroom! I then provided Jill and David with a personalized staging report that included detailed suggestions that would create that “I want this house” look. It also included a “Top Ten” list so there was no guess work when it came to deciding what modifications were considered a priority. Jill immediately began to execute the staging plan and was willing to dig in her heels and get to work. She called me just two weeks later to share her great news! The house was under agreement! The couple who bought the house immediately fell in love with it. In fact, Jill, although she adores her new home, did say that after the house was staged, it was so welcoming and appealing that she no longer wanted to sell it. But I‘m sure you already concluded that once they received an acceptable offer, they were delighted that the worries and expense of trying to sell a house for over a year, was now behind them, and they were finally able to move forward and truly enjoy their new home.